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We provide Java web development to create advanced digital solutions

Global clients choose Newwave Solutions to create secure, scalable, and powerful Java-based websites because of our strong expertise and top talent pool. Our dedicated Java developers enhance existing teams and support businesses in harnessing the full power of Java for web development.

We actively communicate with our clients from the start of the project, through launch and post-launch support. Every client has their own specialized needs, security issues, and varied user interface requirements, yet we are consistently able to develop Java web development solutions that exceed our customers’ objectives.

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Offers Comprehensive Java Web Development Solutions Leveraging Reputable Architecture

As skilled developers, we provide a customer-centric suite of business-oriented solutions. With our top-notch Java software development services, your business can seamlessly expand to achieve ideal revenue.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility and Time-saving
  • Allow Businesses To Impose Security With A Meager Budget
  • Excellent Community Support
  • Construct Open-Source Components
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We're not just a Java web development company; we're your friend in crafting digital success.

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What We Offer

We Offer Java Website Development Services

Figure out difficulties of your business and reach your goals faster with us

Our proficient developers craft cutting-edge solutions tailored to your business needs, ensuring a robust online presence. From scalable architecture to customer-centric design, we pave the way for your digital success. Elevate your web experience with our comprehensive Java web development services.

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Web application development

With scalability, performance and security in min, we will help you select the stack and optimize project development time.

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Cloud-based solutions

Execute your cloud migration or embark on a new cloud-based development project utilizing contemporary cloud platforms and services.

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Java software re-architecture

Embrace contemporary architecture by transitioning from a monolithic structure to microservices, boosting performance, stability, and system compatibility.

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Custom Java Development

Create a system tailored to your business objectives by clearing up requirements, developing and delivering your project on time and on budget.

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Why Choose Us

Why Newwave Solutions for Java Development

Newwave Solutions is the best choice as we utilize efficient strategies that allow enterprises to increase productivity and security. We follow the agile development process so we can deliver within the project deadline. Here are some of the reasons to choose Newwave Solutions for your business website:

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We work on the latest frameworks and technologies to deliver you user-friendly, scalable, secure, and new business solutions as per your need.

  • Dedicated Teams

    We have a dedicated team of web app developers who are well versed in delivering high-end business solutions on several frameworks and technologies.

  • Flexible Engagement Models

    Instead of working on unwanted rigid and strict parameters, we offer flexibility to our clients to select from different engagement and hiring models.

  • Agile Procedure

    We work on the Agile methodology and conduct frequent scrum events for optimizing the practices and methods and delivering the finest results.

  • Integrity & Transparency

    We respect your ideas and vision, provide you every small project detail regularly, and consider your worthy advice when and as needed.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer an ideal combination of cost-effective rates with amazing quality to make sure the lowest pricing in our segment.

Working model

Staff Augmentation

Enhance your team with skilled professionals, adjusting resources as needed for project success.

Extended team

Expand your capabilities seamlessly by integrating our skilled professionals as an extension of your in-house team.

Fixed Price

Predictable cost structure for projects, with a predetermined price agreed upon before the work begins.


Flexible billing model for projects, paying for actual hours worked and materials used.

Hourly hiring

Paying developers based on the number of hours worked is a common option for short-term or project-based work. This provides flexibility and allows for precise tracking of expenses.

Daily hiring

Some businesses opt for a daily rate, particularly for longer-term projects where the workload may vary from day to day. Daily rates offer simplicity and may provide cost savings compared to hourly rates for extended engagements.

Monthly hiring

Hiring developers on a monthly basis is suitable for ongoing projects or when consistent support is required. Monthly rates offer predictability in budgeting and staffing, making it easier to plan resources over the long term.

Yearly hiring

For businesses with ongoing development needs, hiring developers on a yearly basis provides stability and continuity. This option is common for full-time employees or dedicated team members and ensures a consistent presence for the duration of the contract.

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01. Ideate

Our top consultants conduct thorough business and technical analysis, define your organization’s goals, determine priorities, and prepare the preliminary vision of your solution.

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02. Design

Our Solution Group develops the solution architecture, project implementation roadmap, and a prototype of the solution with performance, usability, security, and scalability in mind.

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03. Build

We develop your solution, relying on Agile methodologies and the most efficient technologies, while we continuously monitor software quality and implementation of engineering best practices.

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04. Launch

The product is launched after meticulous preparation of the release strategy and documentation, final adjustments to match the solution vision, and performing release testing.

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05. Scale

Newwave Solutions experts will make sure your product grows together with your business. We help you advance your system through performance tuning, adding new features, security updates, and automated scaling.

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