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Our Workflow For Customer Onboarding

February 15, 2024
Our Workflow For Customer Onboarding

We are a team of Agile Ninjas. There is no singular process that fits every challenge — there are no silver bullets. Organizations are different. People are different. Business challenges are different. And that shapes how we work.

A variety of channels helping you to reach us:

  • Livechat: Engage with us instantly through platforms like WhatsApp or Skype at +84 98 531 0203.
  • Email Requests: Send your inquiries directly to our email [email protected].
  • Contact Form: Fill out the contact form on our website for quick responses.
  • Hotline: For the fastest assistance, call our hotline directly +84 98 531 0203.


  • An email or text message confirming all the information you submitted.
  • Our outstanding portfolios and showcase links.
  • Online meeting link for prompt assistance if needed.

▶ Step 2: Define your idea

How To Start Working
Step 2: Define your idea

After receiving your request, we will connect you with our experts for overall planning & project estimations:

  • Dive into your company pains and goals.
  • Offer solutions to address them best.


  • A product canvas that is short, precise, and relatively painless to write.
  • Free technical consultation to optimize efficiency.
  • A partner well-versed in business strategy.

▶ Step 3: Sign an non disclosure agreement 

how to start working
Step 3: Sign an NDA

We create trustful relationships by legally protecting your confidential business information. Depending on your legal requirements, we can sign an NDA prior to initiating the initial discussion phase.

▶ Step 4: Get a proposal

How to start working
Get a proposal

A proposal is free of charge, and it will give you a full understanding of the service scope or the solution we offer:

  • A summary to make our offering comprehensible at a glance.
  • The scope of work and technical solutions.
  • Team composition and a brief explanation of the expected input of each team member.
  • Cost estimate, project timelines, risks (if any) and our mitigation strategy.


  • Comprehensive analysis and breakdown of the proposed solution.
  • Clear understanding of project scope, timeline, and deliverables.
  • Detailed pricing and cost estimates.
  • Opportunities for further discussion and customization to ensure alignment with their objectives and requirements.

▶ Step 5: Start your project

How to start working
Step 5: Start your project

We legally fix our mutual obligations and rights. For continuous services (like help desk or managed IT services), we also sign a service level agreement (SLA) that defines the scope of the provided service and the metrics to assess its efficiency:

  • Meet the team and explain your vision of the product.

  • Verify and prioritize a list of tasks to be accomplished.

  • Definition of Done, Definition of Ready, Scope of project, technology, architecture, risk analysis, MVP.


  • Detailed timeline on deliverables.
  • Working product increment which you can use.
  • Well crafted software
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To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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