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IT Company Visit for Junior Software Developers | Newwave Solutions x FPT Aptech

October 19, 2022
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Company visits are usually the first point of interaction between a student and a live working industry, making it an important part of any subject. Knowing that Newwave Solutions is always open for a company visit at our head office so IT students can have a chance to learn more about technology trends or make up their minds about the area of interest. Check out our IT company visit for junior software developers at Newwave Solutions

IT Company Visit at Newwave Solutions for Junior Software Developers

Junior Software Developers from FPT Aptech at Newwave Solutions
Freshmen & Junior Software Developers from FPT Aptech at Newwave Solutions

This October, we are proud to be the host of Newwave Solutions x FPT-Aptech company visits. Established in 1999, FPT-Aptech is an IT training institute with more than 20+ years of teaching IT in Vietnam. In fact, some of our software developers actually graduated from FPT-Aptech. Also, we receive a considerable amount of interns from the school every year too.

On the 10th of October, Newwave Solutions organized a one-day industrial visit for FPT-Aptech freshmen and junior students. The students had a chance to visit Newwave Solutions’ head office located in Hanoi and get the answers to every question that they were wondering about the IT business.

The main objective of this tour was to provide FPT-Aptech freshmen and Junior software developers the opportunity to meet IT professionals and engage in a knowledge-sharing session while getting an orientation to the available career options within the IT industry. 

More than thirty students including three senior lecturers were able to witness the working environments at Newwave Solutions. Even though there were some limits because we had to follow the security protocols of ISO 9001 Certification requirements, the tour can still go beyond classroom learning and let the students learn about technologies and skills that are being applied in the IT industry.

Junior Software Developers from FPT Aptech at Newwave Solutions

On top of that, the students were also addressed on a multitude of IT-related topics by Line 1 Manager – Mr. Lan, Marketing Manager – Ms. Khanh Ly, and HR Department Leader – Ms. Hien.

Mr. Lan helped them answer many questions about the IT industry when it comes to website development, Blockchain development, and coding fundamentals. Also, his inspirational career story really motivated some of the students to find and follow their areas of passion even at this early time of their course.

Then, Mrs. Khanh Ly took everyone on a tour to each of our IT developer managers so the students can understand what a software development team will look like in real life and how each member works together. Best of all, FPT Aptech students were given a priceless chance to meet the top IT developers in Newwave Solutions who can work across a wide variety of aspects and languages with over 20+ of experience.

Junior Software Developers from FPT Aptech at Newwave Solutions
Freshmen and Junior Software Developers from FPT Aptech at Newwave Solutions

Finally, the students were guided in CV reviews, interview preparation, and career selection by our HR Department Leader – Ms. Hien during the sessions. The company tour ends with an interesting mini-game that comes with many valuable prices so every student can have something to remind them about the company visit at Newwave Solutions. Below are the comments about Newwave Solutions company visit for freshmen and junior software developers:

“The trip gave our students a peek at the future of the software development industry. Also, this will be really helpful for us, the teachers, to plan our curriculum to suit future needs. I can’t wait for the student presentations about the Newwave Solutions company trip when we’re back”. Senior lecturer at FPT.

“The visit gave our students an opportunity to get a clear idea about what an IT company expects from them – where they can start and what they need to do to become part of the IT/ Software industry. Furthermore, I was impressed by the company CEO – Mr. To Quang Duy and I think he will be a good figure for our students to follow”. Lecturer in Computer Applications at FPT-Aptech.

One of the junior software developers also commented, “We received valuable knowledge from the company visit at Newwave Solutions and this was my first visit to a software company. We were able to get many ideas for upcoming projects. Also, we were informed of the internship and many work opportunities available in the IT industry. Personally, I’m very happy that we were able to visit some of the leading IT companies here in Hanoi” – FPT Aptech student.

The Bottom Line

IT Company Visit for Junior Software Developers at Newwave Solutions
IT Company Visit for Junior Software Developers at Newwave Solutions

Such company visits give students major exposure to real working environments along with a practical view of the IT industry. In addition to that, it also bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical exposure by giving students first-hand exposure to an IT workplace. We hope the IT company visit at Newwave Solutions gave FPT Aptech freshmen and junior software developers the opportunity to get the answer to everything they need from our top professional IT developers in Vietnam, the future of the IT industry, and especially determine what will fit them.

Founded in 2011, Newwave Solutions is a global provider of software development services, solutions, and maintenance. Our specialized technology and industry experts serve startups, SMBs, and big corporations with an exceptional software delivery model suited to the needs of every client.

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To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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