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Pick the Best Mobile App Development Languages in 2022

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June 2, 2022
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Today, over 60% of customers’ connections are made online with portable devices like phones, computers, and tablets. Across all devices, Internet users spend on average seven hours online per day which makes mobile applications a must-have and a must-invest portfolio for almost every business. Learn about top mobile app development languages to decide which one is the best for your project. 

With mobile devices, iOS and Android are the two most popular operating systems with different features, interfaces, and background operations. It is obvious that programming languages used to write for iOS apps and Android apps are different. In this tutorial, you will find all essential information on the most popular iOS-dedicated, Android-dedicated and cross-platform languages. 

1. Best Mobile App Development Languages for iOS

There are so many mobile app development languages dedicated to developing iOS apps; however, three placed at the top rank are Swift, Objective-C, and HTML5. Let’s find out why.

a. Swift

70% of developers say that they love this functional, open-source language. Swift was developed uniquely for the modern iOS development process. The application of Swift is wide, including iPhones, iPads, watchOS, and tvOS. The main advantages of Swift are the ability to enhance the readability, speed, and performance of the system. In comparison to Python, it boosts the speed of the system up to eight times. Swift can also reduce errors in the development process and ensure a reliable and trendy mobile application.

b. Objective-C

For years, Objective-C has always been the primary programming language for IOS apps due to its maturity, adaptability, and compatibility with C and C++ languages and libraries. Popular brands like Uber, Pinterest, and Instagram are using Objective C for their application as it allows messengers to pass between objects. However, there are some limitations that hinder its popularity in comparison to Swift. It is unavailable as open-source, hard to learn, and a security breach. 

c. HTML5

HyperText Markup Language 5 (HTML5) is the latest major HTML version – technology used to develop the content and structure of websites. HTML5 is the right choice for quickly developing simple offline iOS applications at a limited budget. In theory, at least, HTML5 was supposed to solve all compatibility, security, and speed problems. Apple originally pushed iPhone apps into HTML5 and Facebook used to build everything with HTML5. 

2. Best Mobile App Development Languages for Android 

Our top picks for Android mobile app development languages are Java and Kotlin. Here are the reasons. 

a. Java 

Java is the official and most used language for Android apps as the most supported language by Google. With a great online community for support during the development process, it is no wonder many Play Store apps are written with Java. Despite the fact that Java is a complicated language for new developers, it is said that Java is a great option to experience the joys of Android App development. Java is an open-source, object-oriented programming language that greatly boosts the functionality, scalability, and security of Android Apps. 

b. Kotlin

Another official language for Android App is Kotlin which is released in 2019 by Google. While it can be used for both Android and iOS apps, it is more popular with Android app development as it can be used as an alternative to Java and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. In comparison to Java, it is much simpler, yet it offers first-class support for functional programming, reduces bugs during the coding process, and thus is easier and cheaper to maintain.

Some of the common languages for mobile app development
Some of the common mobile app development languages

3. Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Languagé

Now, let’s take a look at mobile app development languages suitable for running on cross-platforms – Rust, Ruby, Golang, and C languages. 

a. Rust

Rust is an open-source programming language famous for its safety, concurrency, and stability. Rust has a concrete syntax that is similar to C languages and does not permit null pointers, dangling pointers, or data races. Rust is easy to use for both amateurs and professionals alike. The only flaw is hard installation on windows devices. 

b. Ruby

Ruby is a popular programming language mostly due to its full-stack framework, Ruby on Rails. It is a general-purpose, dynamic, object-oriented, interpreted, and reflective programming language that offers a standard structure for mobile apps. It is simple to use and easy to maintain. The only problem is the low run-time speed. 

c. Go

The most modern mobile app programming language is Go which is known for its high performance, efficiency, stability, and scalability. Golang shares many similarities to C-languages, including the ease to master, and intuitive syntax. With the support from Google, its popularity is increasing in sectors. Popular apps that use Go Lang include Monzo, Soundcloud, Ubers…

d. C/C++

The fastest growing and most powerful programming languages are C and C++. C++ can be seen as an extension of C. It is great for mobile game development thanks to many powerful functions in memory management, data sharing, and backtracking.

4. Final thoughts

Choosing the best mobile app development languages is an important decision that can have a crucial impact on your project’s success. That’s why you must carefully define your objectives and expectations and, on this basis, choose the best solution for you.

And if you’re still wondering which is the right mobile app development languages or looking for experienced mobile developers to lend you a helping hand. At Newwave Solutions, you will find both mobile consultants and developers with strong expertise and experience across industries. Tell us what you need and we will pick the suitable solutions for you.


To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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