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10 Best Blockchain Wallet Development Companies in 2022

December 9, 2022
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Blockchain wallet development has become a norm in the crypto ecosystem. A large number of development companies providing wallet development have sprung up more than ever since the rise of crypto. Today, we will explore the best blockchain wallet development firms in the crypto space.

Best Blockchain Wallet Development Companies of 2022

Newwave Solutions

Blockchain developers at Newwave Solutions
Newwave Solutions – Top Blockchain development company in Vietnam

As a blockchain solution provider, Newwave Solutions is among the pioneers in offering blockchain wallet development services for businesses to thrive. We have the privilege of successfully completing more than 50+ blockchain projects with positive client reviews. Our team can assist you in developing a wallet to secure your users’ private keys and other sensitive data on their behalf.

Newwave Solutions’ skilled team of 300+ Blockchain developers, Web developers, Game developers, and UI/UX designers works round the clock to provide top-tier services to our clients across the globe with a headquarter in Vietnam and one brand office in Japan.

Our advanced solutions will have easy-to-use interfaces and a quick password recovery mechanism. Product firms and non-IT businesses can use our services to develop and create a variety of crypto wallets, including custodial and non-custodial wallets, desktop, mobile, and web wallets that are coin-specific and multi-currency.


ScienceSoft’s IT developers master state-of-the-art tools for designing and implementing cryptocurrency wallets and have experience developing blockchain applications using key integrated technologies such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Graphene, and Substrate.

The group has experience in more than 30 different fields including finance, technology, customer service and sales, medical, and telecommunications. You can use ScienceSoft services to build highly reliable blockchain wallet solutions.


As a respected technology consulting service provider, Unicsoft provides blockchain and AI/ML services to help entrepreneurs and large companies achieve their goals. The firm provides enterprise technology consulting services, including developing enterprise plans and revitalizing legacy systems to increase productivity and reduce waste. It places the highest value on excellent customer service. They do this through fast and clear communication, openness to customer expectations, a carefully coordinated development process, and a consistent and motivated team.

Fortunesoft IT innovations

Fortunesoft is another trusted and reputable name in the blockchain wallet development ecosystem. The company has also created 100% flexible and adaptable solutions capable of handling higher transaction throughput per second.

The company assists clients in creating trusted and secure programs to support peer-to-peer transactions and other features in the development of crypto wallets. Additionally, the company assists businesses in creating digital wallets, which include the ability to acquire, track and transfer cryptocurrency assets.

SemiDot Infotech

SemiDot Infotech is a top-rated, multiple-award-winning software development company that offers blockchain-based applications to all sizes of businesses, from large firms to start-ups. Their services include website development, mobile app development, software development, blockchain development, and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain App Factory

The Blockchain App Factory is a blockchain development company that offers multiple wallet-development solutions for different genres of the crypto ecosystem. Their business also creates centralized e-wallets that are not blockchain-based for legal transactions. Also, the company even provides a white-label cryptocurrency wallet development solution for startups. 

Antier Solutions

An IT company that develops quality native blockchains and digital wallets are what Antier Solutions is known for. From the stages of ideation, design, construction, testing, and market introduction, it aids businesses in creating decentralized finance solutions. The firm supports the creation of PC crypto wallets and web and mobile wallets that are both custodians and non-custodian.


LeewayHertz is headquartered in the United States and focuses mainly on blockchain development. According to their website, they have created over 100+ software platforms for small to large businesses. They are one of the best blockchain development companies that engage in all blockchain services like consulting, including conception, evaluation, description of technical elements, and conceptual design. In addition, LeewayHertz also offers training courses for young developers at their company in the Us.

WeAlwin Technologies

WeAlwin Technologies’ professional and experienced blockchain consultants can offer you quick, safe, and dependable blockchain wallet solutions for your business. With its pool of blockchain developers, the firm also offers several other blockchain solutions to clients across the globe.


Hashcash is another blockchain solution provider that you can use to develop a high-quality digital wallet. The company also helped create the ICO white paper, ICO development, ICO marketing, and token listing. Also, it was one of the organizations that made the Bitcoin wallet. In terms of Bitcoin wallet creation, the company makes standalone wallets for brokerage firms and marketplaces.

Final Thought

Blockchain Wallet Development
Top Blockchain Wallet Development Companies 2022

Blockchain wallet development companies play a critical role whenever someone wants to release new NFTs, create digital wallets, or develop blockchain-based apps. The purchase, exchange, and sale of all cryptocurrencies require blockchain technologies. This emerging technology is necessary to safeguard and validate transaction information and keep the cryptocurrency and any digital asset safe. That’s why utilizing Blockchain technology in digital projects is a common practice among many these days.

You should choose a trusted Blockchain development company to create your own project or software. Collaborate one-on-one with them for your business solutions after you are comfortable with their price, experience, and policies. The following are the significant factors to take into account:

  • Team 
  • Data Storage
  • Private Keys Custody 
  • Prior Experience
  • Customer Support

Newwave Solutions team can satisfy our clients with all of these qualities. As a top 10 Blockchain company in Vietnam, we guarantee to provide the best blockchain solutions and consultation for any project size and industry. If all these things sound like just what you need to take your business to the next level, feel free to contact our team today!

To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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