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How Does Blockchain Technology Help Organizations When Sharing Data?

December 13, 2022
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In today’s world, data and information is the key to everything. That’s why more and more businesses are using the advantages of Blockchain development to expand their data sharing, management, and data-driven processes nowadays. But, what makes blockchain data sharing so important? Dive in deeper with us to understand how does blockchain technology help organizations when sharing data & other benefits of data sharing in Blockchain.

How Does Blockchain Technology Help Organizations When Sharing Data?

How Does Blockchain Technology Help Organizations When Sharing Data
How Does Blockchain Technology Help Organizations When Sharing Data?

In simple words, Blockchain is like a digital record of transactions that is distributed in different blocks of a system. 

A blockchain is made up of nodes, which are computers that form a peer-to-peer network that is connected to each other. Each node contains a copy of the ledger – a shared record of transactions or events that can be stored on any type of media. And, whenever a new transaction is added, a unique Hash (blockchain’s eternal cryptographic signature) is also assigned for that particular transaction. 

The way that blockchains work allows them to easily track, store, and transfer data without compromising its integrity or confidentiality. This eventually leads us to apply blockchain technology in data management and sharing data. And, the technology proves itself and simply removes all the trouble for organizations when it comes to sharing data in real-time. 

To truly understand how does blockchain technology help organizations when sharing data and data management, let’s start with its best applications in data management!

Blockchain Applications for Data Management

One of the most promising applications of blockchain technology is supply chain management
Applications of blockchain technology in Data Sharing

Data Security

Blockchain has made it possible to share data privately and securely. If one block in a chain is altered, it will be detected by all parties involved. Plus, if anyone wants to deceive a blockchain system, they will have to alter every block in the chain across all decentralized versions of the chain. This makes data security one of the best features of a blockchain data-sharing system!

Data Security
Data Security

Data Sharing

It’s important for any business to have a way to share data effectively and securely during this digital age. Decentralization is a key feature of blockchain that enables organized frameworks for secure data exchange between organizations and inter-departmental operations. Your company or customer information can be securely stored in every block of the blockchain database. Many businesses irrespective of their sizes have begun using blockchain in data sharing to boost their data exchange process while also saving some management fees.

Data Sharing
Data Sharing

Automated Verification with Smart Contracts

Verification of data fields is crucial when it comes to data sharing since it is an indispensable step in data protection. That’s why smart contracts are created and implemented to prevent vulnerabilities as well as malicious code interruptions in blockchain. Basically, they are simply programs stored on a blockchain that only activate when predetermined conditions are met.

Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts

Immutability Enhancing Reliability

By using blockchain, your company can protect and secure information without worrying about being hacked, stolen, or missing data. Thanks to the decentralized structure, blockchain in data management can’t be modified. Therefore, any changes are evidenced on all nodes, so they’re tamper-proof.

Cost-effective Management

With public chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are no limits on joining or exiting. This means there’s no particular cost associated with managing and sharing data. Thanks to this wide access, organizations can distribute among inter-departmental operations freely and effectively.


Improved Efficiency through Data Traceability

The traceability of blockchain data sharing is very important to all organizations because it helps track as well as maintain records. Since blockchain is a linear structure, you can follow the narrative chain of events to figure out what happened. It refers to how easily records can be traced back in time, location, or implementation. Through constant traceability, third parties can’t interfere with transactions and errors. This ultimately helps you improve the system’s efficiency and convenience.

Data Traceability
Data Traceability

Benefits of Blockchain in Data Sharing

There are many benefits of blockchain data sharing. Some of these benefits include:

  • Trustable. You can be sure your data is secure and accurate when using blockchain. This can help to build trust between businesses and ensure that data is not tampered with. As a result, you can work more effectively with your partners and clients when using blockchain for data sharing.
  • Avoid Data Duplication. Blockchain technology can help to reduce data duplication and fraud. This is because the blockchain provides a way for all nodes to be aware of every transaction avoiding all duplication potential.
  • High efficiency. When data is stored on a blockchain, it can be accessed by anyone who has permission to view it. Plus, data can be quickly shared between firms thanks to the decentralized nature of the blockchain. This makes data sharing so convenient and collaboration.

Blockchain Compare to Other Data Sharing Methods

Blockchain is an ideal solution for data sharing, as it eliminates the need for a central authority to oversee the process. It is also significantly faster and more secure than traditional methods of data sharing, such as email or file-sharing networks on Cloud storage.

Utilizing Blockchain Applications in Data Management

Blockchain developers at Newwave Solutions
Blockchain Technology Helps Organizations When Sharing Data

Enabling low-cost and yet the most optimum solutions for data management, the blockchain system has attracted every industry for data sharing purposes. Below are the top industries currently utilizing blockchain applications in data management.

  • Finance/Accounts
  • Sales and Forecasting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Planning
  • Market Research and Planning
  • Customer Service

Final Thoughts

Blockchain is a new and revolutionary technology that can change the way we use data. Normally, data is usually stored on a server that is owned by a third party. Blockchain technology allows people to store and secure their data without the need for a third party as the system is completely decentralized. Business around the globe is implementing them to make the most of both these technologies while research leads to more stable decentralized data-sharing methods.

At Newwave Solutions, we are on a journey to help businesses across the globe apply this new method of sharing data. Our experiments in Blockchain development include blockchain for digital wallet development, smart contracts, and NFT games might also help you with your data-sharing improvement project.

So, if you think you have an idea that can be incorporated with blockchain technology, then go ahead and try it out. Here at AppleTech with our team of experienced experts, can make your idea of integrating blockchain into your organization’s data sharing or development requirements into reality.

To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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