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Newwave Solutions’ CEO – To Quang Duy Shares about The Future Plan of His Software Company in Vietnam With GoodFirms

October 4, 2022

Newwave Solutions serves as a software development and software company in Vietnam that endeavors to deliver software development solutions and top-notch quality technological solutions to clients and partners around the whole. Read more to know what the company plans and services in the years to come!

This September, GoodFirms – an innovative B2B Research and Reviews Company had a chance to interview Newwave Solutions’ CEO – Mr. To Quang Duy. Based on GoodFirms’ extensive experience in ranking top IT companies all over the world, Newwave Solutions is proud to have an interview with team GoodFirms to share about the future plan of the company.

Company’s Highlights

IT company in vietnam
Newwave Solutions – Top software company in Vietnam
  • Holds 10+ years of experience
  • Deliver 800+ successful projects
  • Possess 500+ customers
  • Have 300+ professionals

This software company in Vietnam offers the Best IT Solutions and dreams of delivering integrated technology system solutions to enhance business processes across the globe. All these solutions are delivered within budget and with high efficiency. Newwave Solutions serves a variety of industries and creates compelling programs by employing reliable improvement techniques in a well-organized and competent way.

Newwave Solutions office
Newwave Solutions – Top Software Company in Vietnam

Why is Newwave Solutions Recognized as the Top Software  Company in Vietnam?

  • Newwave Solutions vigorously manages resources to ensure that the client’s business demands are met within the stipulated time.
  • The company possesses a complete quality management system and data safety backed by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.
  • Newwave Solutions’ professionals maintain extreme confidentiality and security to ensure safe business for the clients.
  • The company believes that good communication with clients is the key. Partnering experience with clients from Japan or USA provides flexibility in working with different Time Zones.
  • Newwave Solutions offers cost-effective IT solutions for all of its services.

Newwave Solutions – Top software company in Vietnam has over 800 clients worldwide, from Japan, Singapore, Australia, India, to America. Thanks to the support of valued customers, the software company in Vietnam is currently busy spreading its footprints beyond the shores of Vietnam.

The experience and process adopted by the company over the last 10 years give them a prestigious position among Vietnam’s top software development companies at GoodFirms. This September, team GoodFirms got the opportunity to connect with the company’s CEO, Mr. To Quang Duy, and talk about Newwave Solutions’ IT services and how he foresees positioning his company in the future.

To Quang Duy
CEO of the Top software company in Vietnam

When telling us about Newwave Solutions and his role in the company, Mr. Duy stated that Vietnam-based Newwave Solutions JSC is a top-quality outsourcing company that possesses more than a decade of experience and has 300+ enthusiastic employees. Established in 2011, and since then, the company has delivered efficient services in the areas of mobile app development, software development and maintenance, QA & testing, Game development, UI/UX design, and other nascent technologies.

Shedding further light on the company’s ability to offer apt solutions, Mr. Duy comments, “As a growing custom software company in Vietnam, Newwave Solutions combines deep experience, responsibility, and passion for technology that not only helps us come up with apt solutions for the clients’ but leave a positive impact on their projects.” Their efforts and unparalleled services have won them recognition as one of the top custom software development companies.

Interestingly, this software company in Vietnam has enhanced its services over the past 10 years and currently holds 2 branches in Japan and Vietnam.

What Clients Think About Newwave Solutions

IT company in Vietnam
Newwave Solutions – Top Software Company in Vietnam Review

Mr.Duy shared that the company has 90% of repetitive clients that highlights deep satisfaction with their products and services. So, this software company in Vietnam has been able to retain most of its clients over the years. And, clients mostly approach Newwave Solutions for Software Development Services, Web development, Blockchain development, and UI/UX design services.

Team GoodFirms also questioned the customer satisfaction rate and the steps taken to cater to the customer’s needs and requirements. The CEO answered that the company strives for a complete (100%) satisfaction rate and would be about 95% on customer satisfaction. The team does its utmost to build technical and managerial processes and systems that align nicely with customers’ requirements and resource availability, eventually delivering prolific outcomes.

The CEO continued that “Newwave Solutions is customer-centric and fully ensures that its clients get the most value from Newwave Solutions in everything they involve with the organization. The team of keen developers has tools and processes that help respond to customers’ queries or challenges. Newwave Solutions – Top software company in Vietnam follows a payment structure related to milestones, phases, or months to bill the clients based on their projects.

The minimum budget requirement is around $5,000, and the estimation depends on the planned time and the project’s complexity. If the project is highly innovative, then much time will be spent on design and implementation, resulting in a high price. In 2021, the CEO expressed that Newwave Solutions had carried out the price range of the projects from $5,000 to $500,000.

Newwave Solutions’ Plan to Become Top 1 Software Company in Vietnam

Newwave Solutions' Services Include Software Development, Game Development, Software Maintenance, R&D, QA & Testing, etc.
Top Software Company in Vietnam – Newwave Solutions’ Services

While concluding the interview, Team GoodFirms questioned Mr. Duy regarding where he sees Newwave Solutions in the next 10 years, he proudly conveyed that his company desires to attract more business opportunities and drive the company’s solutions to become Top 1 software company in Vietnam.

On top of that, when discussing the company’s business model in the next few years, Mr. Duy stated that Newwave Solutions always strives to become the top-notch IT outsourcing company in Vietnam that can carry out clients’ projects from every stage. As CEO of a top software company in Vietnam, Mr. Duy also addressed how his company differentiates itself from the competition by claiming that his team members’ topmost priority is quality, which separates Newwave Solutions from its peers. As such, the dedicated team members aim to make productive and constructive solutions that help clients optimize business processes smoothly and competently to finally increase their business productivity and profits.

On enquiring what industries Mr. Duy generally caters to, he mentioned that the organization will continue to offer new and innovative Software Development, mobile app development, web development, UI/UX design, QA & testing, and Game design, along with emerging technologies like Blockchain. Newwave Solutions will try its best to support clients in completing their projects and achieving a market-leading position.

You can go through the interview of Newwave Solutions Jsc’s CEO, Mr. To Quang Duy, to know other details about Newwave Solutions – Top software company in Vietnam on GoodFirms.


To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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