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New Organizational Structure for Newwave Solutions’ Software Managers & Leaders

August 15, 2022
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Newwave Solutions has officially changed to a whole new organizational structure with 5 departments, including the Manage line (software managers), Support line, BO, Sale & Marketing, and NWS-JP since July. Flow us and discover our new organizational structure at Newwave Solutions!

Newwave Solutions’ New Organizational Structure

Newwave Solution team of Software managers and leaders
Newwave Solution team of Software managers and leaders

With this new organizational structure, each Line not only has the opportunity to create new strategies to achieve their goal but also a unique work environment with their managers and leaders. The Appointment Ceremony was celebrated at Open Space on August 8th 2022 with the attendance of all company members. The board of directors announced the appointment decision and offered new titles to each leader and software manager.

During the celebration, our CEO – Mr. To Quang Duy also had some announcements and sharing about why the company decided to renew its organizational structure. He hopes this change from a Division structure to a Line structure will help everyone work more efficiently. Also, with the added responsibility, our software managers and leaders can have full control of their team performance and success. After that, the managers and leaders also had a small meeting about this new change and how they are going to operate in the future.

What Our Leaders & Software Managers Say

Starting with Line 1, Mr.Nguyen Quang Lan also shared his understanding of how important his role is as a Software manager of Line 1. Even though this is a great responsibility, it is also a motivation to help him create new approaches to future projects and guarantee his team’s success.

Mr. Le Tuan Anh, who was Division 2 manager a year ago, is Line 3 Manager. Now, as a Line 3 manager, he aims to develop this team in a more encouraging way, increasing every passion for software development and teamwork skills.

For our QA team, Mrs. Duong Thi Van, the outside manager of QA, shared her knowledge about the Mob mentally. She said that even though our company structure is divided into smaller departments, our strength still remains and can be even stronger in the future because each line can cooperate freely and more effectively now. As a matter of fact, after one month of testing, Newwave Solutions has witnessed a significant increase in workflow and collaborations.

Last but not least, our famous and excellent Newwaver from Line Design, Mrs. Pham Thi Ngoc Tram, who was simply a leader of Newwave Solution’s newly developed team a year ago, has become the manager of the line today. Can she still perform this great performance as a manager of the Design line? Does she have any plan to meet every new requirement and become even more important to us? She said she has everything in hand and we look forward to seeing how successful her team will be!

Newwave Solution’s Team of Software Managers & Leaders

Newwave Solution team of Software managers and leaders
Newwave Solution team of Software managers and leaders

The Appointment Ceremony ended with a group photo and many shared stories from each software manager and leader. More than ever, we are proud to be a part of Newwave Solution, and to be a Newwaver. We hope with the new organizational structure, every leader, software manager, and even the leadership team will keep our great performance and come up with effective strategies to offer best-in-class software development and solutions to our clients.

About Us

Newwave Solutions is an award-winning software development and Blockchain development company in Vietnam that’s trusted by many enterprises & startups around the globe. We have successfully delivered over 500+ custom software development projects for clients worldwide since 2011 by applying the latest emerging technologies and tools. From Singapore, Japan, to the United States, Newwave Solutions provides high-quality software services not only in Vietnam but also worldwide.  

Our IT service is powered by talented and experienced software developers with an optimized process. We are specialized in Ionic, Flutter, Java, Python, Kotlin, C#, and other technologies like Angular, ReactJS, and HTML5.

Besides full-cycle product development, Saigon Technology Solutions also offers a wide range of Quality Assurance and Software Development services. Experience our outstanding software development services to scale your business in the most cost-efficient way starting today!

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To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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