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Custom Healthcare Solutions: Future of Healthcare Industry

December 28, 2022
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After the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations have become more dependent on custom healthcare solutions to maintain medical history, health records, patient information, and other medical data. This blog will help you learn more about custom healthcare solutions and how it’s beneficial to your business!

What is Custom Healthcare Solutions?

custom healthcare solution
What is Custom Healthcare Solutions?

Custom healthcare solutions refer to the process of creating software tailored to the specific needs of healthcare organizations or individuals. This can include electronic medical record systems, patient portals, practice management systems, and more. The main benefit of custom healthcare software is the ability to tailor the software to fit the organization’s or individual’s specific needs. 

For example, a hospital may have unique workflow processes that an off-the-shelf software solution is not able to accommodate. In this case, custom software can be developed to meet the hospital’s specific needs.

Custom healthcare IT solutions can be used to support various functions within a healthcare organization, such as electronic medical record (EMR) systems, patient scheduling and registration, billing and revenue management, and data analytics. There are several different categories of custom healthcare IT solutions, including:

  1. Electronic medical record (EMR) systems: These systems are used to store and manage patient medical records, including demographics, diagnoses, treatment plans, medications, and test results. EMR systems can be used by healthcare providers to access and update patient records, as well as to communicate with other members of the healthcare team.
  2. Patient scheduling and registration: These systems are used to schedule appointments, manage patient waitlists, and register patients for treatment. They can also be used to manage patient flow and track patient visits.
  3. Billing and revenue management: These systems are used to manage a healthcare organization’s billing and revenue process. They can be used to track charges, process insurance claims, and generate invoices and reports.
  4. Data analytics: These systems are used to collect, analyze, and report on data related to healthcare operations and patient outcomes. They can be used to identify trends, identify areas for improvement, and support decision-making.

Custom healthcare IT solutions can be developed by a variety of organizations, including healthcare technology companies, outsourcing software development firms, and in-house IT teams within healthcare organizations. They can be implemented as standalone systems or integrated with existing IT infrastructure.

How Custom Healthcare Solutions are Shaping the Healthcare Sector

What is Custom Healthcare Solutions
Custom Healthcare Solutions benefits

In the second quarter of 2022, the healthcare industry hit a record of $19.2 billion in M&A activity. According to the KPMG report, technology plays a major role in these deals and states that many are focused on acquiring digital capabilities, such as cloud-based platforms and digital care.

Technology has always played a major role in the healthcare industry. We have enlisted some key areas influenced by the implementation of custom healthcare solutions:

Advanced Diagnosis

Technology is transforming the healthcare industry by delivering improved diagnostics to patients in addition to effective operations management. Modern custom healthcare solutions are available in the market, which aids in the early identification of critical illnesses.

Moreover, AI-driven technologies are accelerating the medication process faster than the traditional process. When it comes to advanced data analysis and providing actionable input, IBM Watson is a leading name.

Increased Growth Chances

In the digital era of healthcare, telehealth application, EMR software, and online medical apps, a paperless environment has already replaced traditional medical record maintenance systems with cutting-edge technologies and custom healthcare solutions. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) may keep numerous patients’ data on the hosted cloud with better security. Any healthcare organization will eventually see an increase in ROI as a result of lower operating costs. Therefore, custom medical software changes the game by enabling rapid business growth.

An Integrated System

The multiple workflows that your organization uses regularly are integrated by the custom healthcare software. Multiple complex processes like finance, OPD, and human resource can be synchronized in one place using custom healthcare solutions. This will reduce the work stress for every healthcare provider, allowing them to invest more time in patient care.

Health Apps for Mobile Devices

Mobile apps have made life simpler, whether booking a hotel or ordering food and groceries while staying in the comfort of your blanket. As a result, the healthcare industry is also taking advantage of healthcare IT support to create efficient applications for all devices. You will find plenty of mobile apps that can monitor your heart rate, BMI, sleep time, stress level, and whatnot!

While considering mobile applications, the ease of video call analysis can overcome geographical distances and open windows for easy access to the healthcare system. Healthcare organizations have undoubtedly benefited from technological advancements as well. They are no longer required to purchase machinery and complete specific documentation like before.

Healthcare Standards Improvisation

By incorporating cutting-edge technology, automation, and advanced systems, custom software transforms the traditional healthcare system. Every process, from patient appointment management to data storage, is redesigned. Custom healthcare software streamlines outdated processes to a greater extent in order to stay updated with the current healthcare requirements.

Accessible for Multiple Platforms

A custom hospital software development company develops healthcare software for multiple platforms, like mobile, desktop, tablets, and smartwatches, to reach a wider audience.

If every member of the healthcare organization panel uses one particular software, the data synchronization and management process becomes easier. Actually, the primary users of mobile apps are doctors and patients. And they can access the real-time data without any issues from multiple platforms.

Developing a custom healthcare solution can be a complex process, but the end result can be a powerful tool for healthcare organizations. By tailoring software to fit the specific needs of the organization, custom healthcare software can improve efficiency, security, and patient care.

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Final Thoughts

With new healthcare solutions, data collection, analysis, and sharing between businesses are now simpler than ever, thanks to custom healthcare software development companies like Newwave Solutions.

Enabling healthcare organizations to harness the power of modern technology, Newwave Solutions offers customized healthcare solutions that help you reach a wider market at a faster rate. As a top 10 custom healthcare software development company in Vietnam, we use intuitive methods, including reusable code blocks known as Technology Extensions, helping healthcare organizations to stay competitive.

Get in touch with our experts to help shape the future of healthcare!


To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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