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E-Commerce Mobile App Development – Effortless Apartment Search for Tenants across Japan

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June 21, 2022
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With 11-year proficiency in the field of software development, tech professionals at Newwave Solutions have expertise across a large number of domains, including real estate and e-commerce. As our client wanted us to help streamline the process of apartment renting and leasing in Japan, we have successfully built an app to help users manage everything from property listings, searching, and online payment to data collection.

1. Introduction of this Outstanding E-Commerce Mobile App Development Project

The client wanted to implement an e-commerce mobile app development project as a property management platform for landlords to upload various properties including buildings and flats for renting and for tenants to actively search for information. This e-commerce mobile app should be user-centric and easy to navigate even for people who are not tech-savvy.

The app should have all standard features for property owners and real estate companies to manage property management functions, including property listing, property search, rental collection, online payment, and data collection through a single dashboard. Meanwhile, tenants can easily search, save, and compare listed properties based on a broad range of criteria. The app must function well on both Android and iOS.

  • Domain: E-Commerce
  • Country: Japan
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Service: Mobile App Development
  • Our Role: Development

2. The Challenges

In a fiercely competitive build-to-rent market, the key to success is securing and satisfying tenancies to avoid room vacancies. Thus, the client decided to leverage technology to highlight and expand their portfolio, and attract more tenants by optimizing their search journey and streamlining communication and transactions. After careful evaluation and consultation with various service providers, the client chose the Newwave Solutions team to execute an e-commerce mobile app development project that handles the following challenges:

  • Separated sections for property owners, admins, tenants, and real estate agencies with dedicated functions for different stakeholders.
  • A user-friendly interface and optimizing the customer’s journey on the app so that non-tech savvy people can easily and comfortably register, navigate through the app, search, multiple listing of property, and track various rental activities.
  • Real-time notifications, reminders, and suggestions based on the history of search and rental activities. 
  • Automate the entire property listing, search, and management process that ensure compliance, transparency, and security in one e-commerce mobile app.

3. Our Solutions

a. Team Size

Newwave Solutions set up a dedicated team of a project manager, two developers, and a UI/UX designer to develop this stunning e-commerce mobile app.

b. Technology Stack

– Technology: iOS / Android / Google Maps

– Programming Languages: Java / Swift

– Management tool: Jira

– Management Methodology: Agile and Scrum

c. Main Features of the App

  • Easy registration, user management, rental management, property management, complaint management, revenue report, database collection, and management.
  • A dashboard for each profile that tracks deals, status, transactions, revenue, and related activities.
  • Supporting both Android & iOS platforms
  • Login through linkage with email and social media and verification through OTP.
  • Real-time reporting and notifications.
  • Retrieve search and rental history.

Newwave Solutions spent a lot of time conducting research on the Japanese rental market to gain a thorough understanding of which aspects Japanese tenants were struggling with and what their expectations are when searching for rental property. The findings led to success of developing the app with advanced search filters and a method to optimize the ability to accurately search by map, stations, or places in Japan.

Easily Properties Listing for Landlords 

This e-commerce mobile app functions smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms and allows landlords to promote their rental properties by uploading visual packages (photos, floor plans, blueprints…), making offers, and managing listing status and revenue on a single dashboard. 

A Transparent and Seamless Experience for Tenants 

Prospective tenants can search and explore properties that are listed on the app, based on a broad set of criteria as well as located properties by map, stations, or places in Japan.

4. The Impacts

Ever since its launch, this app has been lauded for bringing a comprehensive rental search and management system for both landlords and tenants. So far, there have been 10,000+ properties listed on the app, a 30% reduction in room vacancy, and the time a bot takes to augment the searching process has been reduced to 57% less than searching on the Internet and saving hundreds of dollars per year with Advanced Search.

If developing an e-commerce mobile app is in your pipeline, contact Newwave Solutions to bring your concept to life!

5. About Newwave Solutions

Newwave Solution is a Vietnamese trusted software engineering partner to hundreds of reputable multinational organizations across the globe. Our team has been assisting them in developing and making their software products more robust, efficient, and scalable. We apply the latest technologies to deliver innovative solutions for clients.

Our efforts have been highly appreciated by both clients as well as the global tech community. We have strongly invested in improving our team capabilities, organizational processes, and culture to deliver a truly collaborative ecosystem for solving technology challenges. Our culture is rooted in passion, result orientation, and continuous improvement.


To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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