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Complete Guide For Creating MVP Software

December 29, 2023
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We are confident you are familiar with the term MVP (know as minimum viable product). MVP as a service has grown in popularity as organizations, from startups to enterprises, recognize its advantages and benefits. For many companies, a minimum viable product is the first goal they strive for when developing a new application. It is a way to gather the maximum amount of validated learning about the target audience with the minimum effort. Let’s explain more about why you should invest in MVP software development and how to build an MVP successfully.

What is MVP in software development? 

The noun MVP software development and project management means “Minimum Viable Product”. It is a product with enough features to attract early adopter customers and validate a product idea early in the product development cycle. MVP software development is the best way to start any project, thanks to agile development cycles. This means that your product gets to users faster, who then will provide crucial feedback that will help your product become even better in the next development cycle. Basically, there is no final product without extensive development, and that development relies on good, old-fashioned user feedback.

In industries such as software, the MVP application can help the product team receive user feedback as quickly as possible to iterate and improve the product.

what is mvp in software
Definition of MVP software you should know

7 key benefits of MVP software development that convince you to invest 

It can be denied that MVP software can bring a lot of benefits to your software development projects. The most important is that it prevents you from creating software that nobody wants. What else?

You can figure out your fundamental value proposition by focusing on the bare minimal feature

You are limited to one idea at a time. You conserve resources while creating the ideal product on a tight budget. With little risk, you can test your software and examine the most distinctive aspects of your idea.

You get insightful market feedback

With the help of MVP software development, you can get client feedback. As you design the following steps of your software development process, you find out what customers want to see in the finished product and what needs to be improved.

You can verify your business idea

You should take advantage of the MVP stage to make sure your program is appropriate for the intended user base. There is therefore less space for error.

You enhance your development staff’s performance by building MVP software

You receive feedback rapidly, allowing you to make the necessary improvements and quickly issue an updated version. You deploy the product rapidly—in weeks as opposed to months. Your project progresses more quickly.

You make financial savings

MVP software development is reasonably priced. It enables you to test your idea before investing money in potentially unsuccessful ventures. You therefore obtain the greatest number of outcomes at the lowest feasible expense.

Benefits of MVP product design
MVP software helps you to save money

You are able to plan your future growth

You can modify your strategies for future growth as an MVP process assists your team to determine what has and has not succeeded. By building an MVP especially building an MVP for startups, you can make use of customer feedback to improve the product even further and hasten the development cycle with reduced stress and increased satisfaction.

You can locate investors

The MVP software serves as a prototype for the anticipated novel and innovative product. Potential investors are more inclined to contribute their funds to its continued development if you show it to them.

5 steps to answer question how to develop an MVP successfully

How do you create a minimal viable product (MVP) and how will your team determine when it’s time to launch it? Here are some steps calculated to do.

Have a plan to build an MVP app that aligns with business goals

The first stage in designing your MVP software is to ensure that the product will correspond with the strategic goals of your team or your firm, before considering which features to implement.

What are other goals? Do you have a revenue target for the next six months? Do you have limited resources? The answers to these queries may determine if it’s even time to start working on a new MVP stage.

How to develop an MVP
Creating an MVP can take time and effort

Conduct market research

Investigate the offerings of your rivals and carry out a user analysis. Remember to figure out the market size. Make sure enough customers are interested in purchasing your product and that their numbers will support you if you want your MVP layout to succeed.

Create a user journey map 

Creating a MVP (known as a minimum viable product) requires constant user consideration. You may view your product from the viewpoint of your potential customers by creating user journey maps. Determine the user and the steps they must take in order to accomplish their objective first. Next, focus on the objectives that your users wish to fulfill. You can ascertain where you have the most opportunity to add value by identifying user pain points.

Convert the functionality of your MVP into a development action plan

It’s time to turn your decision on the limited functionality you want for your MVP software —after carefully considering the aforementioned strategic factors—into an action plan for development.

It’s important to remember that the MVP application stands for viable product. This implies that it must offer a top-notch user experience and enable your clients to finish a task or project in its entirety. A user interface with numerous unfinished tools and features cannot be an MVP. It needs to be a functional product that your business can market.

Keep optimizing

When you can find ways to answer the question “how to build a minimum viable product”, the process is far from over. Continue getting input and testing the modifications; this is how you create a product that your clients may be interested. 

3 best MVP software development examples 

In case you’re curious about how this would actually work in practice, let’s take a look at how a few well-known firms show off their admirable MVP software development case studies.


The founders of Airbnb utilized their own flat to test their idea of creating a market for online short-term peer-to-peer rentals because they lacked the capital to start a company. After building a simple website and posting images and other information on their home, they quickly attracted a number of paying visitors.


Foursquare, a location-based social network, began their outstanding journey with a MVP layout that just offered check-ins and gamification incentives. The Foursquare development team started including suggestions, city guides, and other features until they had a growing and enthusiastic user base to confirm the concept with.


Dropbox is another company that has a fantastic example of MVP software development. The creators of Dropbox had a brilliant concept to provide online file storage. They intended to give users a taste of the app before they started working on it.

Rather than making an immediate investment and developing the hardware, they began with creating a minimum viable product. The short film demonstrated how their product would appear and function in its initial version. Without a physical product, the number of signups grew over night, proving to be a huge success!

In conclusion

Within the software development industry, the fate of a digital product might be determined by the performance of its MVP. It serves as a gauge for whether your project can benefit users as well as stakeholders financially. When introducing a novel idea to the market, it saves money, time, and resources. 

At Newwave Solutions, we offer excellent MVP software development solutions for all companies around the world. We deliver projects by 100% energy and manage IT activities so you can focus on the core business. Contact Newwave Solutions today to learn more about how to make MVP and start your ideal projects soon.


To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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