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Infinity Arena – Newwave Solutions’ NFT Card Game Release This October 2022

October 25, 2022
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This October, Infinity Arena – a Trading Card Game (TCG) based on NFT is released to the global market by Newwave Solutions. After a successful time of game development and fundraising from trusted partners in the IT and Blockchain industry, the game is finally ready for play to earn gamers all over the world. Check out our NFT card game’s best features, gameplay, NFT value, and future updates below!

Infinity Arena: New Gameplay & Best-selling Features Reveal

Infinity arena - NFT Card Game
Infinity arena – NFT Card Game

Infinity Arena or INA is a combination of sci-fi, mythology, and tactical play-to-earn NFT card game where players travel through the galaxy in search of Zeronium (the most important resort in the game) and defeat monsters/other players to conquer new land and earn special rewards. 

Players can build their unique NFT collections that grow in power and value over time. A standard deck includes both Heroes and Guardians to combat opponents in the most effective way using a variety of your tactics. Forming a team with at least 30 cards that contain different attacks, defenses, and abilities.

Besides combating and building a powerful deck, you also have the opportunity to mine and collect Zeronium by using the game’s set of tools (Drills, Extractors, and Depots). Note that you might get chances to receive awards in NFT Lucky Box while mining. Also, when you have enough Zeronium to purchase new heroes or lands, level up your game to a more difficult level by venturing into more challenging battles with special arena tickets.

Gameplay – NFT Card Game

NFT Card Game
Infinity arena – NFT Card Game

Infinity Arena, at its heart, is a combination of sci-fi and tactical play-to-earn NFT card game where players travel through the planets in search of Zeronium and defeat enemies to earn special rewards. Players will gradually build up an iconic NFT collection that grows in power over time, which they can use to venture into more tough battles with other players. Infinity Arena contains 3 important parts which are Mining Game — Lucky Game — Battle Game.

The Mining Game

NFT Card Game
Mining – NFT Card Game

1/ Tool Kit

After opening your first Mystery Packs, mining is the first thing players should check since they can start making money immediately by putting their new mining tools and tickets into action.

Here you will be able to use the Tools to exploit Infinity Arena’s Zeronium through 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Use the Miner to dig deep into your Land or Planet to get raw materials.
  • Step 2: Use the Extractor to extract Zeronium from the raw materials.
  • Step 3: Use the Depot to preserve your Zeronium at the end of each mining cycle. From here, you can claim your well-earned Zeronium at any time.
Mining detail_Infinity Arena
Newwave Solutions’s NFT Card Game

2/ Land & Planet

The planet and land in Infinity Arena include Skyfield, Mountains, Lava, and Ocean. Each has a signature environment and batter field. Players can mine Zeronium by themselves or hire others to get a commission. When all lands on a planet are mined, players have no choice but to buy more on the NFT marketplace, rent, or fight for a new one.

Note that with or without Land, your Mining Cycle can still start. However, there are significant advantages to being the Landowner:

✅ Mining on Land (owned or rented) is not only more productive than mining in unowned areas but also gives you chances of getting a Lucky Box. The higher the NFT Luck attribute of the Land is, the higher possibility there are Lucky Boxes to be found.

✅ All lands can be rented. The renting time and tax are freely set by the owner of the Land. Also, when a Lucky Box is found, it immediately belongs to the Landowner. On the other hand, the renters only get Zeronium from that Mining Cycle.

Note: Everything can be mined in our NFT Card Game! From Land to Planet, each one has a specific amount of Zeronium. For future plan, players can also use Land for planting or farming.

3/ Elementals

Basically, every Land and Tool carries one of the four Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, or Air. Different combinations of Elements create different interaction effects. For example, the Mining Power of a Miner & Extractor Fire combo depends on which Land is being mined:

  • Fire Land: Unchanged
  • Air Land: Increased power
  • Earth and Water Land: Decreased power

As a result, you should combine Tools and Lands that have Elemental strengthening effects to maximize the amount of Zeronium you can get from the NFT card game.

The Lucky Game & Ticket Staking

NFT Card Game
Loot Boxes – NFT Card Game

This is where you put Zeronium or INAZ into Staking Pools to get Lucky Tickets daily. There are 3 Ticket Staking plans with varied staking requirements and rewards:

  • Planet Plan: Stake 2,500 INAZ — Receive 1 Lucky Ticket per day
  • Galaxy Plan: Stake 5,000 INAZ — Receive 3 Lucky Tickets per day
  • Universe Plan: Stake 10,000 INAZ — Receive 7 Lucky Tickets per day

Unclaimed Tickets will be accumulated over time. Also, you can unstake anytime you want, but the Ticket rewards of the current 24-hour cycle will be lost.

1/ Lucky Tickets

Lucky Tickets are a mandatory item for any user if they want to play the Lucky Games. Each time playing a game will cost you 1 Lucky Ticket.

However, these tickets are not NFTs and can not be traded in the marketplace. The only way to get Lucky Tickets is from Ticket Staking Pools or joining some of Infinity Arena’s Community Activities to win the rewards.

2/ Lucky Arena

Entering the Lucky Arena, you will be able to play 4 different games: Jackpot Galaxy, Space Invader, Space Treasure, and Wizard Dart. Each game requires you to pay 1 Lucky Ticket to join. In return, the rewards for winners can be Lucky Box, INAZ, or even more Lucky Tickets.

The Lucky Game Part 1 was released last Thursday (at 7AM UTC October 20, 2022) and the first 3 Lucky Games will be launched on mainnet.

🔹 Venue:

🔹 Currency: $INAZ or $BNB

🔹 Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

The Battle Game

Battle - NFT Card Game
Battle – NFT Card Game

While the Mining Game was released on October 12th, the Battle Game will have its first PvP version ready to launch on November 2nd.

1/ Synergies & Classes

There are 4 classes with 5 rarity levels (Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical) in Infinity Arena. The stronger the character the more class it possesses and the higher rarity/power/ability/strength attributes.

Besides that, the 4 basic classes in the game include Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind. The damage each Hero or Guardian deals or takes depends on their own and enemy class.

2/ Battle

NFT Card Game
NFT Card Game

It is also important to understand the interaction between each class, as sometimes your best chance of winning isn’t necessarily about your most powerful character. For example, the more characters in the same Fire class on the battlefield, the stronger the burn damage and attack buff.

3/ Fusion

Every player can combine their Heroes or Guardians to create a stronger team to battle with the others and finish their quests.

Arenas are the center of each planet and universe. Each one will play different roles and provide special features in the game. You can either battle in Battle Arena or improve your NFT ability by visiting the Training Arena.

Future Expansion & Developers Background

Infinity Arena is linked with famous digital wallets like Meta Mask and Binance Chain wallet to help players to manage their NFT easier while also proving its potential in the NFT market. There are many future plans for our NFT Card Game including different mechanics and expansion features like VR/Metaverse that may be added over time. However, the game developers are still focusing on core gameplay to ensure the best gaming experience for our players. Also, the main features of our NFT Card Game like battling, farming, mystery boxes, and mining functions still have room for improvement.

Outsourcing Software Development
Newwave Solutions’ services include Software development, Game development, Blockchain development, etc.

For game developers, Newwave Solutions is one of the leading IT business solutions in Vietnam, specializing in providing digital transformation, software development, and blockchain technology. Located in Hanoi and with a second representative office in Japan, Newwave Solutions’ mission is to utilize digital technology to empower businesses worldwide and become one of the most trusted IT companies in Asia.

The company’s success is reflected in its achievements and 800+ successful projects. After 10 years of working, Newwave Solutions has received numerous national & international awards. Also, they are proud to be business partners with famous technology brands like AWS, Crane, and T-sky. With all of the above, the game developers really prove that they have the ability to create a successful and profitable NFT game.

Wrap Up

Infinity Arena game development
Infinity Arena – Best NFT Card Game in Vietnam

Currently, the developers at Newwave Solutions are working hard to complete the NFT Card Game battling feature. We are anticipating the release of Infinity Arena at the start of November 2022. Our development team appreciates the support of all Infinity Arena partners and the NFT game community. Every detail about Infinity Arena will be updated weekly in this article!

If you’re looking for a trusted software development company to help you create your Blockchain app or NFT game like Infinity Arena – NFT Card Game, don’t hesitate to Contact us now!

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To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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