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Top 10 NFT Development Companies in Vietnam 2024 (Updated)

October 27, 2022
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The non-fungible token or NFT industry has thrived more than ever for the last couple of years. Even though it has also opened countless opportunities for many businesses, startups, & investors, there is still plenty of room to enter and make profits from. However, which are the best NFT development companies to help your business flourish in this market?

This article will provide you with every information and insight you need to decide which NFT development company in 2023 will best fit your requirements!

Why Choose NFT Development Companies in Vietnam?

NFT Development Companies
NFT Development Companies

NFTs have countless applications and provide individuals with the opportunity to develop revenue sources. Building an NFT marketplace is the key to starting a future-proof business in the present with NFTs’ rising popularity.

There are a few NFT marketplace development businesses that have made a brand for themselves, so if you plan to develop an NFT marketplace as well, you may need to select the finest to create the biggest value. However, there are a few questions that you should figure out before developing your NFT.

Building an NFT marketplace is the key to starting a future-proof business in the present with NFTs’ rising popularity. However, the development cost might be one of the main issues that stop most businesses from releasing their NFTs. Also, while NFTs have countless applications and provide us the opportunity to develop revenue in all industries, there are only a few NFT development companies that can provide both quality and cost-efficiency.

So, if you plan to develop an NFT without breaking the bank, you may want to select the finest outsourcing NFT development services from countries like Vietnam. Yes, we know that you might have a few questions like why choose Vietnam and which qualifications to look for in an NFT development company. No worries, we have all of your questions covered below.

Advantages of Outsourcing NFT Development In Vietnam

In fact, Axie Infinity – the most popular NFT game on the market, is actually developed by a Vietnam NFT company (Sky Mavis). After that success, many local startups and IT companies have also entered the NFT and blockchain arena. According to TechSci Research’s report, Vietnam’s blockchain market is all set for double growth in 2023-2027 thanks to the popularity of Blockchain platforms and 5G development across the country. Here are the main benefits of working with software outsourcing companies in Vietnam:

  • Cost-effectiveness. The rate for hiring outsourcing NFT development companies in Vietnam is 50% less than in other Asia countries like India while also having the same quality and services. This research proves that Vietnam is indeed the top candidate for NFT development projects.
  • Knowledge & Skills. NFT market development is making a significant impact on every industry. With that, more and more Vietnamese students want to invest their talents in technology and relevant sectors. The rapid growth in both the quantity and quality of IT education in Vietnam provides an extensive supply of NFT development for years to come. Additionally, Vietnamese IT developers also have decent English skills, making outsourcing with NFT development companies easier than ever.
  • Stabilization. Vietnam is 80% vaccinated and also known to have high government stability. Thanks to their relentless efforts and successful Covid countermeasures, businesses in Vietnam have a major head start over global competitors.

Top 10 Best NFT Development Companies in Vietnam

While the market is flooded with so many NFT development services, you might wonder which NFT development agency is the best for you. No worries, we’ve gathered the best-in-class NFT development solutions globally on the list below based on ranking points such as Company size, Cost-effectiveness, number of NFT projects, and Client reviews.

1. Newwave Solutions

Best NFT Development Companies in Vietnam
Best NFT Development Companies in Vietnam

Company Achievements & Portfolios:

In the NFT and blockchain era, Newwave Solutions is one of the prominent and probably the best NFT development companies in Vietnam. The company guarantees to deliver professional NFT development services that will solve every of your business needs.

Newwave Solutions provides end-to-end design and NFT development services from UI/UX design to NFT Marketplace development. Also, the company offers you comprehensive NFT marketplace clone scripts to effectively establish your business in the existing NFT market square. Newwave Solutions specialize in NFT marketplaces such as Rarible, OpenSea, Binance, Solanart, Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano & EOS.

Best of all, they provide both decentralized and centralized NFT development for clients to choose the most suitable one for their projects. So, if you plan to establish your NFT business under such a model, then centralized NFT marketplace development is the solution for your project. On the other hand, the decentralized NFT marketplace development means fully automated. Therefore, when you empower your marketplace with DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), the NFT traders will become the governance authorities.

NFT Development Companies
Newwave Solutions – Best NFT Development Companies in Vietnam

2. Waverley

When it comes to bringing in new digital products and industry-leading solutions, Waverley is one of the most reliable business partners like Newwave Solutions. They have expanded their scope, adding new markets and technologies to their services like Blockchain. The company helps in building NFT projects that are not only profitable but also have liquidity possibilities as opposed to holding idle assets.

3. Amaris

This is one of the top Blockchain development companies that is committed to producing more than just native applications. They introduce solutions that meet market demands and give consumers the best experiences. High levels of flexibility, reactivity, and proactiveness are what clients said about Amaris.

4. Elinext

Elinext is a blockchain venture production studio with the global to build an ecosystem of consumer-centric products and enterprise solutions using blockchain technologies, mainly Ethereum. The range of Elinext’s services is wide thanks to their tech stack that would satisfy all the possible modern.

5. Siclo

Siclo is an expert in creating applications that are quick, appealing, responsive, and simple to use. However, the company also shares an uncompromising enthusiasm for emerging technologies like NFT. Like other top NFT development companies, Siclo ensures its development quality for all types of projects, whether for startups or renowned businesses.

6. Ventuso LLC

Reliable Group gives you access to 300+ technical resources to scale your business. With over decades of experience, the company has discovered 3 different models that help clients attain the biggest results. All models work well for large-scale application delivery, new technologies (Blockchain, AI, IoT), and meet specific needs.

7. InspiLab

With a collaborative approach, elite talent, project-scoped work plans, and financial worth, clients love InspiLab for innovative solutions that take into account the demands of people, processes, and technology across all business requirements.

8. Wizeline

Wizeline is an IT company that uses the Design Thinking method to deliver unique and forward-thinking ideas – not just for design but also for creating solutions to every business challenge. They are proficient in all emerging technologies such as NFT. Their ability to address business issues is what sets the company apart from other IT companies.

9. Vmodev

As one of the top NFT development companies in Vietnam, Vmodev offers international IT services for clients all over the world. Their professionals guarantee to offer highly secure blockchain solutions. Also, the ability to create cryptocurrency allows Vmodev to create protected, adaptable, and reliable digital wallets.

10. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the top NFT development companies in Vietnam that provide various business analytics services equipped with advanced technologies like AI, Data Migration, or IoT that can deliver the desired NFT to worldwide organizations.

The Verdict

These are the best NFT marketplace development companies in Vietnam with the potential for incredible growth and amazing software development services. Even though all of the above NFT development companies can help you step into the world of blockchain and NFT with success, our go-to choice is always Newwave Solutions.

Outsourcing Software Development
Newwave Solutions – Top NFT Development Companies in Vietnam

Newwave Solutions is a top-notched NFT development company that has proven experience in the Blockchain industry through many successful projects. They provide best-in-class NFT solutions whether it’s artwork, gaming, digital collectibles, assets tokenization, etc.

  • Choose your own NFT development method whether it’s customized with a white-label script or developed from scratch.
  • Select the blockchain on which your new NFT marketplace will be made. Even if you have no clear idea about these, Newwave Solutions could guide you 100%.
  • Newwave Solutions can build your NFT marketplace with all advanced technologies and tools. Plus, security concerns as it is very crucial for your real-time business.
  • Finally, the company ensures your NFT marketplace on the blockchain incorporates smart contracts to sign transactions that establish tamper-proof nature.

Follow Newwave Solutions’ straightforward steps for NFT market development to start creating your own NFT today!

To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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