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Website development price in 2023 (Updated)

February 23, 2023
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Nowadays, websites are becoming essential tools for every business. In fact, as of November 2022, there are around 2 billion websites on the internet. So, if you’re looking for a way to develop your unique website for business, you will definitely need to know how much website development prices are these days. The following article will answer all of your questions about the website development price list in 2023, save your website development budget, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

1. Professional Website Development Process by Newwave Solutions

website development price
Website development process to help calculate your website development price

Intending to bring the best web development experience, Newwave Solutions has developed and perfected a professional website development process with 6 basic steps:

Step 1 – Consulting

When receiving a request for a business website development, Newwave Solutions’ staff will proactively contact and meet with the customer to talk about detailed information about our service well as consult the customer based on their requirements. After that, we will send our customers our website development price list in at least 1-2 days.

Step 2 – Create a plan based on customer ideas

Based on the requests, Newwave Solutions will proceed to design and sketch a draft for the website development process and send it to the customer for approval. Then, the customer selects a suitable design and agrees on any necessary adjustments.

Step 3 & 4 – Website design & Programming

With all detail approved, our team will complete the web design and hand it over to the technical department for website construction and programming.

Step 5 – Testing

After the website is completed by our talented developers, it will be handed over to the testing department to perform website testing and fix any errors.

Step 6 – Delivering to the customer

After completing the website, it will be handed over to the customer to test if it’s satisfied their requirements. Implementation and support for the new website operation also included providing guidance documents and website management methods.

2. How Does a Website Cost in 2023?

Currently, many IT companies offer website development services, ranging from simple web design to complex web development based on specific requirements. Depending on special requirements or businesses, you can choose a company or web service that suits your project. But, in general, to develop a website, you will definitely have to pay these 3 things in the website development price:

  1. Website development price:

You only need to pay for the website design and programming once. However, the cost can vary depending on the complexity and number of website features that you want.

  1. Website maintenance costs:

Unlike web design and construction costs, domain name and hosting rental fees need to be paid annually. On average, this will cost you between $60 to $425 per year.

  1. Incidental expenses:

Incidental expenses can arise during the operation and development process of the website depending on the additional features. No matter how well you build your website, there is always room for errors or even cyberattacks.

2.1 How to Estimate Your Website Development Price?

Website development costs can be quite flexible depending on the chosen package and your requirements. For top website development companies like Newwave Solutions, the website development price will be based on the effort that designers and programmers use to complete the project plus some additional fees.

Therefore, we have a specific way of calculating the total website development cost based on the following rules:

  • The cost of developing a custom website is much higher than developing a website based on the templates you want.
  • A customer website development project will directly involve the customer, therefore, the completion time may be longer than usual and so does the cost.

2.2 Average Website Development Price

With all of the above, the total price for developing a simple website with basic hosting, domain name, and assuming no additional upgrade or maintenance issues is around $170 for the first year and $105 for the following years.

For more complex websites with longer development processes and customer features, the cost will increase depending on the complexity as well as the number of changes or repairs needed.

3. Newest Website Development Price in 2023

3.1 What is the website development price of a full package?

The main expenses for website design include website development, domain registration, and website hosting. In addition, there are other costs that Newwave Solutions will share with you to help you understand all the possible expenses that may arise during the website development process. Therefore, in reality, website development prices include many types of expenses such as website making costs, design costs, programming costs, domain registration costs, hosting, and maintenance costs, etc.

To manage the money that may arise during the website development process, it is important to understand all the possible expenses. Knowing these will help you avoid unexpected expenses when using a full-package website development service.

  • Website development costs

This takes the most parts in website development price. It can range from a few million to several tens of millions of Vietnamese dong. In particular, it can go up to hundreds of millions depending on the complexity of each type of website. This cost is only incurred once.

  • Domain Name Registration

Depending on the web development company, this cost can be waived for the first year with an international domain name such as .com or .net. Typically, from the second domain name onwards or for domain renewal from the second year onwards, there will be a fee. You should also research more about domain names to choose the best website domain name for yourself.

  • Hosting

Depending on the web development company, the cost for this service may be free for the first year or may require a fee. The amount of storage and bandwidth for the website depends on the amount of data and potential traffic to your website. Typically, in the first year, there is not a lot of traffic. However, in the following years, if your website grows, you may incur some costs for this service. But this is completely worth it.

  • Web Design

Typically, website development companies only provide free design for a few images (slides, banners, advertisements, etc.) on the website, not all images. However, in the case of some large contracts, website development companies may provide more or all of the images. Customers and website development firms should quantify and roughly assess the quality of the images supported to avoid any future issues. If customers require high-quality images, they may need to pay an additional cost to the service provider to design the highest-quality images because they play a crucial role in website design.

  • Website making cost

Usually, there are situations as follows: website design companies do not charge for website editing during the website building process. Of course, the degree of editing here should not be too much or change the structure, interface, or features of the website. Depending on each website design firm and the degree of editing, it may incur little or no cost. If you are someone with high demands, both parties should follow the process.

When both parties are satisfied with the design, they move on to the phase of designing the entire detailed interface of the website. Both parties agree on all these detailed interfaces before moving on to the website’s feature coding process. It is not advisable to code before finalizing the interface to avoid making many subsequent edits that may cause both parties to spend a lot of time agreeing on whether the changes are costly or not. However, if the client wants to make significant changes to the website’s layout and structure after following the above process, a redesign and recoding may be necessary, which may result in additional costs. Usually, these editing processes cannot be determined beforehand and are not included in the website design contract.

  • Content migration from old website to the new one

If the quantity is small, web development companies usually provide support to customers. However, if the quantity is large and the requirements are complex, this may result in a cost as the web development company has to allocate resources and personnel costs to perform the task. The cost of transferring website content may vary depending on the policy of each company. Typically, these costs are calculated based on the number of articles and the complexity of the data.

  • Website maintenance

Normally, if you use the hosting of a web development company, the cost of warranty and maintenance is usually free. This is because they do not have to put in much effort to support their customers. However, if you use hosting from another provider, you may incur maintenance costs after the warranty period. The cost of maintenance may vary depending on the complexity of the website. It is advisable to discuss the details of website maintenance with the web design company before signing a contract to avoid unnecessary risks.

  • Setup Email on a Domain

If you want to have an email with your own domain, our advice for you is to register for an email with Google’s service as it is the best option. Registering for a free domain name can be quite risky and can affect your business operations. Meanwhile, setting up a free email on your hosting can increase the hosting’s storage capacity, but you will end up spending more money to upgrade the hosting. This cost can be very high.

  • UI/UX Design

Some customers may misunderstand that this cost is included in the website design cost. However, this is not the case. If the number of edits is small or the level of editing is not significant, the website design company may support a part of it. If the editing is difficult and there are many images that need to be edited, you will have to pay for this service. Of course, high-quality images will look good and can help improve your business effectiveness.

  • Logo Design

For some customers who do not have a logo, you may incur an additional cost for this service. Some companies offer this service for free when you request a simple logo design. However, if you want a premium, high-quality logo, it’s best to allocate part of your budget to hiring a logo design agency. Free logos, on the other hand, usually have a quality level that is only suitable for temporary use.

  • Consulting

In some large or complex projects, the consulting phase can also require a lot of effort. The consulting firm may need to draft analysis and advice documents, which is a normal part of the process. However, for ordinary websites or projects with small scopes, this cost is usually not required. You can also assess the service provider’s capability based on their enthusiasm and quality of website development consulting.

  • Licensing Fee

For government agencies, these are specific costs of their respective units. These may include regular and “irregular” expenses to obtain the right to publish information on the internet. In terms of paperwork, the Ministry of Information and Communications provides document templates that units need to use when applying for permits. If you need to design an electronic magazine or a web portal, it is also advisable to budget for these tasks.

3.2 Top Factors Affecting Website Development Price

Project Vision

The scope of the website design project will depend on specific requirements from the client, such as interface design, optimizing the website for SEO, integrating special features, etc. These requirements will affect the time and effort needed to complete the project, and therefore impact the cost.

Types of Websites

The cost of website design also depends on the type of website that the client desires. For example, a static website that only displays basic content and images may be less expensive than a dynamic website with more complex features such as interactive features or e-commerce functionality.

Website Development Time

The time required to complete a website design project also affects the cost. If the client requests the project to be completed within a short timeframe, the web designer may have to increase the workforce to meet that requirement, and this can increase the cost of the project.

Developers’ Experience

The cost of website design also depends on the level of experience of the web designer. Experienced web designers usually charge higher fees than those who are new to the field.


The cost of website design also depends on the geographical location of the web designer. Places with higher operating costs tend to have higher website design costs.

Above, Newwave Solutions has shared the types of costs that you should be aware of during the website design process. Please read to understand and manage website design costs effectively!

Website Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining a website is the total of all expenses required to keep the website operational and accessible to everyone on the internet. This type of cost can be divided into two specific types of maintenance costs as follows.

Website Domain Registration

Domain name is an internet address where users can access your website through it. The main purpose of a domain is to provide a representative form, using recognizable names instead of numerical IP addresses. The translation of a domain name to an IP address and vice versa is performed by the global DNS system.

    • Free domain with hosting: $2.75-$2.79/ month
From the Secon year: 
    • Domain with hosting: $1-$15/month

Website Hosting Costs

Hosting is where all the data, images, text, and information on a website are stored. If the domain name is like an address, the website is like a house, then hosting is the land that holds that house. Hosting in reality is a large storage server operated by hosting companies. Typically, the cost of owning and operating hosting is quite high, so small websites often rent hosting from larger providers to save costs. The cost of renting hosting is determined by each distributor.

At Newwave Solutions, this cost is calculated based on storage capacity and bandwidth. We offer more than 30 hosting packages to serve the various needs of customers.

  • Hosting cost at Newwave Solutions ranges from $38 – $85 depending on the packages.

Costs that Occur During the Website Development Process

In addition to fixed costs such as design and maintenance, the third essential cost to consider is the cost that arises during the process of building and maintaining a website. What are the costs included in this category? Below are some costs that you can refer to. Some costs arise during the process of building and maintaining a website.

  • Maintenance

Based on Newwave Solutions’ years of experience in website development, most of the time during the demo, the technical team will have to spend a significant amount of time making adjustments based on requirements that the client did not finalize from the beginning of the project. These adjustments can occur once, a few times, or even multiple times, and the time spent on revisions can sometimes be more than the time spent on website design and development. And of course, this cost will be accumulated and included in the total cost of website design.

  • Website Upgrade/Redesign Price

The cost of upgrading often arises during the use and maintenance of a website. This upgrade cost can be for upgrading a feature of the website, upgrading SSL, or upgrading hosting.

These costs can be almost zero if the client knows how to control and agree on opinions with the design unit from the beginning. However, in many cases, it can also cause the website design cost to spiral out of control and cause budget planning issues, affecting business operations, especially for small businesses. This is also the way to save costs when designing a basic website that everyone needs to know and master before intending to design and build a website for their business.

4. The Bottomline

It is difficult to give a clear answer to the question of how much web development costs because each website has different requirements and features.

The cost of developing a website depends on many factors such as complexity, type of application, technology, platform, design, and more.

The above is some useful information about website development prices. Depending on your purpose and budget, you can choose the best option for yourself.

If you’re having difficulty developing a website yourself or don’t know where to start, we are ready to help you overcome those obstacles and provide a reasonable website development price!

To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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