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What Qualities Should you Seek in Blockchain Developers

June 30, 2022
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It is not easy at all to find blockchain developers that 100% fit your needs. After 10+ years in the software development industry working with thousands of developers, we have listed down 7 top intangible traits you need to look out for when hiring blockchain developers.

1. What do Blockchain Developers do?

Blockchain technology is now powering everything, from supply chain management and fintech to logistics and security. For instance, Axie Infinities developers have been successful with the Axie Infinity project when it has attracted many gamers from all over the world and its AXS token capitalization value has reached $2.4 billion.

Currently, the demand for blockchain developers is increasing because many companies are trying to find blockchain developers to execute new projects and advance their systems. So what exactly does a blockchain developer do?

Developers involved in the development of blockchain technology can be named blockchain developers, however, there are two types of them, which are core blockchain developers and blockchain software developers. Core blockchain developers are in charge of developing and maintaining the blockchain system’s architecture, while blockchain software developers develop applications based on blockchain architecture and protocol by handling front-end and back-end development, design, and maintenance.

The roles of a blockchain developer can include some of the followings but not limited to:

  • Analyzing and designing blockchain networks, consensus protocols and security patterns
  • Designing the network architecture used for data centralization or decentralization
  • Developing, testing and maintaining smart contracts, front-end designs, back-end systems, decentralized applications, etc.

2. Top 7 Essential Skills Blockchain Developers Need

Now that the roles of a blockchain developer have been clarified, let’s focus on what qualities you should search for in an blockchain developer.

2.1. A Thorough Understanding of Blockchain Technology

It is essential for a blockchain developer to have a deep understanding of the blockchain technology, nobody can expect to become successful developers without knowledge about it. A blockchain developer should know how blockchain works and crucial blockchain concepts like consensus algorithms, distributed ledger technology or P2P (peer-to-peer) networks.

2.2. Experience in Software Development

When entering the blockchain technology field, most blockchain developers have already had previous software development experience. The code developed for blockchain is super sensitive, so developers with strong skills in programming would be better suited to the challenge. Together with a strong background in the field of software development, blockchain developers need to have vast experience in working with open-source projects and large codebases.

2.3. Understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms

As blockchain developers have to build and implement networks frequently, they need to work with various data structures, such as Merkle trees. A thorough understanding of data structures is necessary because the entire blockchain system is made up of data structures. Blockchains themselves are a database in the form of a digital ledger, and a single block in the blockchain is a data structure.

Understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms

2.4. Proficiency in Programming Languages for Blockchain Development

No matter what, a blockchain developer should have sound knowledge of at least one high-level coding language. Choosing the right languages to learn can help developers optimize blockchain performance and master different aspects of blockchain. Expert blockchain developers can opt for the top 5 most popular languages for blockchain development.

2.5. Experience Working with Distributed Systems and P2P Networks

Blockchain is a distributed database that works by using a P2P (peer-to-peer) network, which allows sharing equal responsibility among all nodes in the network. So, in case you are looking to hire blockchain developers, make sure they understand the pros and cons of each P2P network to easily set up and run a full node.

2.6. A Solid Grasp of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are considered one of the most powerful aspects of blockchain technology as they are self-executing contracts which allow the easy and safe exchange process of goods and services without a middle man. This is the reason why smart contracts play an important role in many areas of various industries, such as construction, law, logistics, etc. Hire yourself blockchain developers that have this essential skill.

2.7. Familiarity with Cryptography

Cryptography is pivotal to blockchain technology because it is a methodology made to prevent a foreign entity. Great blockchain developers must comprehend cryptography methodologies in blockchain, including symmetric-key cryptography, hash functions, and asymmetric-key cryptography.

3. How can you Hire Blockchain Developers with the Right Skills?

Blockchain developers are in high demand, that is for sure. So how can your company find decent blockchain developers? It is important to know where to find them and how to select the perfect one.

Using Directories to Find Reputable Blockchain Development Companies

Review platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms collect unbiased customer reviews of companies after conducting in-depth interviews with customers to ensure they really used the company’s services. They categorize companies by locations, key areas of focus, etc. so you can easily find a company that suits your needs. Remember to read all the reviews and watch customer video testimonials to see if the company is what you are looking for.

Customer Review Blockchain Development Project - Newwave Solutions - How to Find Good Blockchain Developers
Customer Review for Newwave Solutions on Clutch

Helpful Tips to Select Suitable Blockchain Developers

When looking for blockchain developers, don’t forget to identify all skills you need in the role. In an interview with blockchain developers, make sure you ask the candidates about 7 top skills listed above and see if their experience lines up with the language and platform your company is choosing for the implementation. Moreover, you can use some skill tests to assess the candidates’ capabilities.

Final Thoughts

Hiring blockchain developers is never an easy task. You need to identify all the tasks and requirements needed, and choose a developer based on the criteria listed above. If you want to be assured of quality work, we suggest that you should hire blockchain developers through a reliable company and it can pick developers that have suitable experience and skills for your projects.

You have come to the perfect place for dedicated blockchain developers. With Newwave Solutions – a reputable software and blockchain development company with over 10 years of experience, you can confidently implement your blockchain project to revolutionize your business without having to worry about quality and project delays. Get in touch with us!

To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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